A Long Journey
  • A Long Journey

A Long Journey


A Long Journey: Residential Schools in Labrador and Newfoundland 

By Andrea Procter 

"We've come a long journey." Sarah Anala (Nunatsiavut Elder, 2017 



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Left out of the national apology and reconciliation process begun in 2008, survivors of residential schools in Labrador and Newfoundland received a formal apology from the Canadian government in 2017. This recognition finally brought them into the circle of residential school survivors across Canada, and acknowledged their experiences as similarly painful and traumatic. 

For years, the story of residential schools has been told by the authorities who ran them.  A Long Journey helps redress this imbalance by listening closely to the accounts of former students, as well as drawing extensively on government, community and school archives.  The book examines the history of boarding schools in Labrador and St Anthony, and in doing so, contextualizes the ongoing determination of Indigenous communities to regain control over their children's education.