Waiting for Time
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Waiting for Time


Waiting for Time by Bernice Morgan

"Mary Bundle - the most dynamic and volatile spitfire to ever traipse across the -pages o Newfoundland literature." Lisa Moore 


In Waiting for Time, Bernice Morgan continues the saga of the inhabitants of Cape Random and tells the story of contemporary Newfoundland, a place "forever reshaping itself."  WE meet, for the first time, Lav Andrews as she is embroiled in the contemporary politics of the Newfoundland fishery while privately uncovering the secrets of Cape Random hidden in time.  And we meet once again one of the greatest characters in Newfoundland fiction - the resourceful, tough-minded and enigmatic Mary Bundle - as her great-granddaughter, Rachel, writes Mary's story in the margins of Lavinia's old journal.  Here, Morgan returns us to the Cape - to Ned Andrews, Thomas Hutchings, Lavinia Andrews, and Mary Bundle - and elegantly reminds us of how a living culture continuously emerges from it's past and remakes itself somewhere on the border between history and fiction.