Stouts, Millers, & Forky-Tails
  • Stouts, Millers, & Forky-Tails

Stouts, Millers, & Forky-Tails


Insects of Newfoundland & Labrador field guide.

by Tom Chapman, Peggy Dixon, Carolyn Parsons, and Hugh Whitney.


Stouts, millers, and forky-tails (a.k.a. deer flies, moths, and earwigs) are just three of more than 300 fascinating insects, spiders, and other arthropods profiled in this book. You'll also meet weevils, flesh flies, aphids, dragonflies, ticks, bees, giant water bugs, and a nipper or two.

These are the creepy-crawlers in your garden and in your basement, the annoyances and the biters, the disease-carriers and the stored-food pests. But they are also the pollinators and the insect friends that are crucial to Newfoundland and Labrador's healthy water and land ecosystems.

Each insect description gives key identifying features, like cycle details, as well as the specific habits and quirks that make each one worthy of study. The pages are filled with stunning full-colour photographs of each creature, most in their natural habitat.

Insects are the most dominant animal group on the planet. Getting to know them is a journey every nature-lover or curious mind will enjoy. This is a book for every Newfoundland and Labradorian fascinated by the many forms of life that surround them.