The Long Ships
  • The Long Ships

The Long Ships


'A rip-roaring saga that's vivid and one should go a-viking without it'  Joe Abercrombie. 

The Classic Viking Epic, in print since the 1940's

By Frans G. Bengtsson 


Feisty Red Orm is only a boy when the Vikings pluck him from Denmark to be their oarsman. Forced to maraud across Europe, Red Orm grows to be a strong and intelligent warrior as the years slip by, enduring the best and the worst of Viking history.

'A masterpiece'      New York Times

'Resurrects the fantastic world of 10th century AD when the Vikings roamed and rampaged from the northern fastnesses of Scandinavia down to the Mediterranean...Bengtsson's clear-eyed witnessing of a new world dawning does not weary'      New York Review of Books

'A splendidly robust saga of the Vikings...crackles with humour'      Daily Telegraph

'A banquet of adventure by land and sea, with man-size helping of battle and murder'      New Statesman

'A Viking treasure'      Paris Review