The World Of The Vikings


Richard Hall

Thames & Hudson


The complete story of the Vikings from their origins in Scandinavia, through the incredible period of raiding, trading and settling known as the Viking Age, to their last surviving settlements in fifteenth-century Greenland. 

Viking life and culture, art and religion, Vikings at home and abroad, and the Vikings in the popular imagination.

The latest archeological discoveries, from burials to hoards to settlements.

All the famous Viking sites in Scandinavia and beyond, including Hedeby, York, Dublin, Birka, and L'Anse aux Meadows.

Features on runes, navigation, silver hoards, the sagas, and more.

Photographs, drawings, site plans, reconstructions, and maps.

Timeline chronicling the history of the Vikings, with key events and personalities.

Gazetteer of sites, museums and places of interest.