Geology of Newfoundland
  • Geology of Newfoundland

Geology of Newfoundland


Touring through time at 48 scenic sites.

by Martha Hickman Hild


A one-of-a-kind guide to Newfoundland's remarkable geology

Geology of Newfoundland takes you on a fascinating tour through millions of years of Earth history. Visit 48 breathtaking, informative locations both on and off the beaten path. Track down the island's story of vanished oceans, colliding continents, and ancient life. Beautiful, full-colour photographs and lively descriptions capture the appeal and drama of the rocks at each site.

In this guide you will find...

A trip planner and icons to help you prepare for your outings

Maps, travel directions, and GPS waypoints for each site

Related points of interest-more than 90 geological destinations in all

Geology basics and glossary for new rock enthusiasts