Random Passage
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Random Passage


Random Passage by Bernice Morgan

"This is a superb piece of writing, tremendously evocative of the early history of Newfoundland -exactly right." Jack McClelland 



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Forced to flee England, the Andrews family books passage for a fresh start in distant Newfoundland, only to discover a barren, inhospitable country at the end of their crossing.  For seventeen year old Lavinia Andrews, uprooted from everything familiar, it's a fate worse than the one left behind.

In her classic first novel, Bernice Morgan delivers the detail and emotion that headstones and history books can never contain.  Random Passage  tells the story of the settlers of Cape Random; the imaginative and wild Ned Andrews, the capable Vincent family, the determined and mysterious Mary Bundle, the enigmatic Thomas Hutchings, and the resilient Lavinia Andrews, who writes down the truth and lies that bind them.

As the tiny outport community struggles for survival, it must overcome the threat of starvation, fatal illness, roving privateers, a nighmarish beast, and the despair of tragic loves marked by madness and murder.