Vikings The Battle At The End Of Time
  • Vikings The Battle At The End Of Time

Vikings The Battle At The End Of Time


By Tony Allan

Watkins Publishing


Vikings is a richly illustrated introduction to an extraordinary seafaring people - famed for being warlike and acquisitive, but capable too of remarkable craftmanship and possessing a mythic world-view that still speaks to us today, across the centuries, in tales of gods and giants, trickery and transformation.

Generously illustrates the chief glories of Viking art - from intricate depictions of fabulous beasts in wood, stone, and gold to the iconography of battle, and the spectacular treasures of Norse ship burials.

Captures the spirt and heritage of the Vikings and their evocative landscapes in more than 120 specially commissioned artworks and magnificent colour photographs.

Presents, with full and fascinating explanations, the broad repertoire of Viking symbols and motifs from dragons, monsters and wild beasts to the Valkyries and the Hammer of Thor

Sets the art of the Viking civilization against the broader background of Viking wisdom, lore, warfare and mythology.