Crying For The Moon
  • Crying For The Moon

Crying For The Moon


In this brilliantly funny and poignant debut, Canadian actor, comedian and social activist Mary Walsh tells the unforgettable story of a young woman coming of age in 1960's Newfoundland. Hardcover.

by Mary Walsh


Raised on tough love in St. John's, Maureen is the second-youngest daughter of a bitter and angry mother and a father who tells the best stories (but only when he's drunk). If life at home is difficult, school is torture, with the nuns watching every move Maureen makes. Feeling trapped in St. John's, Maureen dreams of what her life could be like in Montreal. She's determined to get there, even if it means faking her way into the school choir.

On a trip to sing at Expo 67, Maureen and the best friend manage to escape the vigilant eye of Sister Imobilis. Basking in the glow of the brash and fiery metropolis, Maureen tries to create life for herself. However, this new life takes a darker turn, and will follow her back home to Newfoundland and play out in dangerous ways.

A riotous and heart-rending journey from St. John's to Montreal and back, Mary Walsh's novel explores the many ways in which one day can reverberate through a lifetime.